How to play your part in Building Better Futures

There are several ways to join - or start - a Bloomfield Group. We work with individuals and organisations, large and small, private, public and third sector. Here are the some examples of how to engage.

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We work with corporate clients to create, launch and grow a bespoke Corporate Social Enterprise (CSE) in three stages: 

  • CSE Audit: we work with the leaders and CSE champions in an organisation to establish who are the 'intrapreneurs' to make this happen, what's the business model and what financial, social and environmental improvements can we expect? 

Timescale: 3 months.

  • CSE Workshop: the team that has emerged from the audit attends a three-day Corporate Social Enterprise workshop at Bloomfield House in Bath, UK, and develops a plan of action. 

Timescale: 3 days.

  • Into Action: We work with the Intrapreneur team for as long as it takes to establish the new Corporate Social Enterprise, aiming to hand over for full in-house operation as soon as possible.

Timescale: allow 1 year.

NB These are closed groups: the proceedings of each CSE group are confidential.

Don't forget - the target is 10x social and environmental improvement and 10x return-on-investment.

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We run 3-Day Open Bloomfield Group Workshops at Bloomfield House every two months on a range of topics. Forthcoming group topics include:

  • 'Embracing Complexity and Making Things Simpler' with Dr Jean Boulton 

  • 'Education, Sustainability and Practical Action on the Ground' with Dr Paul Clarke

  • 'Life Changes and the Values of Eldership' with Andrew Jamieson

  • 'The Future of International Development' with Shaun Mann

  • 'Tech, Data, Federated Teams and the Avoidance of Mass Extinction' with Gavin Starks

  • 'The Future for a Truly Sustainable Healthcare' with Rachel Stancliffe

Timescale: each workshop is three days and is run in Bath UK. Contact us for details.

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Partnership Groups can take several forms. Sometimes two or three organisations may wish to collaborate in creating a shared social or eco-enterprise. Alternatively, a group of individuals may wish to build a social enterprise start-up from scratch. We have created a number of successful social and eco-enterprises in the tourism and leisure, food, waste management, energy and real estate sectors. We may also bring investors, non-executive directors, mentors, counsellors, facilitators and other specialists to the table, as required. 

You may have your own dream project that you wish to see activated, or you may wish to discuss possibilities with us before settling on the core purpose of your chosen mission in life.

Topics that may be of interest include, for example:

  • Raising a family while building a purpose-driven enterprise 

  • Making the case to employers for a Corporate Social Enterprise

  • Starting a social enterprise on a part-time basis

  • Combining education and research with social enterprise

Timescale: Team-building, fact-finding, audit, report, business plan: allow 3 months. Budget: negotiable (equity arrangements may be possible in some cases). Contact us to arrange an initial discussion.