Massive action on society's MOST pressing problem - suddenly
it's all going (the best kind of) crazy...

On June 5th 2019 we announced the launch of Climate Club. Then, in September, we published a short article about it on Linked In. Next our partners at FigBytes kicked off what could quickly become a US climate revolution. This revolution is poised to spread all over the world. We are about to unpack how this changes everything, finally turning words into real, proven, accelerating changed behaviours, measured and reported transparently, as close to real time as possible. So many people are getting behind this, we are beginning to feel real optimism. If you'd like your organisation to be part of the solution, contact us here

The greatest problem we face right now is not getting people to face the reality of climate change. It is TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTION on this reality. This is still alarmingly rare, despite countless climate emergency declarations, all over the world. 

We can offer organisations and groups a powerful, proven, high-impact way to:

a) create a detailed assessment of their current climate reality

b) form and implement prioritised, targetted action plans

c) measure success in environmental, social and economic terms

d) communicate progress to all stakeholders: employees, consumers, investors, legislators and the media

We can empower small groups or task forces within organisations and, in partnerships between organisations, to address this critical set of practical challenges.

In this way, real, demonstrable, measured, urgently needed progress can be made. 

If you'd like to become part of this, please get in touch. 



The Ancient Art of Building Better Futures

Welcome to Bloomfield Groups. This is the culmination of decades of our learning and many, many years of hard-earned human wisdom acquired by those who preceded us. You'll see what we mean if you take a look around. If you have questions, just get in touch!



"Yes, as the old saying goes, live, love, laugh and learn - but, most of all, 

link up and leave a lasting legacy!"

We help all sorts of people to answer the question WHY? - especially in times of personal or organisational transition.

The brightest, most passionate, talented and productive people are, quite rightly, well paid for their work. Many of them, however, are motivated by other things in addition to money: they want more say in the way they work, with whom and why. They want to learn vital life skills that make them better people. And they want purpose: they want to make a living making a difference.

And the delightful irony is this: people whose work is driven by more than only money make more money! The magisterial work of Bruce Rayton at the University of Bath has proven the connection between truly meaningful work and employee engagement. And the numbers show that engaged employees produce double the net profits, more than double the revenue growth rates and twenty times the innovation rate of their less motivated counterparts.

It is vital, however, in everyone's best interest, to understand one key fact: money is a means, not an end. Making more money enables people to contribute more to the overall health of the system, at all levels: individuals, organisations, communities, our species and the more-than-human world. And people are waking up to the urgency and profound importance of the need to understand this fact.

Deloitte’s Millennials Survey 2018 reveals some quite decisive attitudinal shifts: today’s top talent know they have unprecedented technical skills; what they want to see, however, are significantly increased attention to diversity, ethical enterprise, more flexible working patterns and mentoring.

And this attitude doesn’t apply only to graduate recruits: the most capable, motivated and successful emerging leaders are increasingly drawn to organisations that combine values with value. And the numbers prove it is working for investors too.

“A meaningful life can be extremely satisfying even in the midst of hardship, whereas a meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is.”

Yuval Noah Harari

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Making a Meaningful Impact

You may be a tech genius with a brilliant idea for a social enterprise. Or maybe you're a CEO or HR leader who knows that proud, passionate employees could transform your organisation's performance. Are you a manager who can't manage much longer without more meaning? Or an arts graduate who wants to know how to make a great living making an even greater difference in the world? 

Perhaps you feel you're being sucked into the black hole of the paid-but-pointless.

We may have some answers...

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We enable groups of innovative, enthusiastic, capable individuals to become game-changer teams focused on making the world a better place. We provide topic experts, safe space, inspiring facilitation and ongoing support, both inside and outside organisations, for groups to come together, define their purpose and activate social and environmental change that targets:

>> Measured social/environmental


>> Measured financial return on investment

>> Measured talent attraction and retention

>> Measured project growth

Below we list some ways to engage...

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Tech-Empowered Corporate Social Enterprises (TECSEs) are an opportunity for teams within organisations to gather, grow and build solutions to some of the most acute social and environmental challenges we face today. Based on powerful case studies and facilitation techniques, these projects often help to attract, inspire and retain millennial talent. Read more...


Open Bloomfield Groups enable teams of individuals from various backgrounds to assemble around projects in which they share an interest. Some of these bring together people focused on specific market sectors (food, retail, finance, transport, health, tourism and leisure etc). In other cases groups from varied disciplines gather to address a particular type of challenge, such as climate change, poverty, energy, etc

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Bloomfield Partnership Groups enable teams to explore Win-Win collaborations in the social and eco-enterprise space. For instance, we brought together a diverse group of team members from a UK National Health Service Clinical Commissioning Group and a major retail pharmacy corporation. Using this system, patients who had been waiting weeks for an appointment with their family doctor could get a same-day health consultation in high street pharmacies throughout the UK. This innovative approach prevented patients' health conditions from escalating and brought significant commercial benefits to the participating private sector partners.


Tech-Empowered Algorhythmic Social Enterprise Groups (TEASEs) are start-up social enterprises brokered and facilitated by us which are independent of sponsoring organisations and often co-owned by their participants. We have several successful startups already under way and are working on a number of others in finance, preventive health and eldercare.

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